DSC_0064Yesterday I left the sparkling Hong Kong for the crowded Shanghai. Now, while I’m waiting for the Easter lunch (lasagna!) to be ready and try to set my mind to this new city, I’m still thinking about my last day on the island, which wasn’t actually spent on the island. That day I decided to catch a ferry to Macau, apparently known as the chinese Vegas. On my way to the port I bumped into the Hong Kong Museum of Art, where a special Andy Warhol exhibition was held. Impossible to miss it! Just one hour away from Hong Kong and I found myself in one of the weirdest cities I’ve ever been: Portugal meets China meets Las Vegas. Everything looks similar to the american sins city except that here the fountain show was held by the Wynn hotel instead of the most famous one at the Bellagio.

Now, lasagna ready, movie ready (Home alone 2: Lost in New York) not that much Easter mood but still one of my fav!

Happy Easter everyone!

Ieri ho lasciato la luccicante Hong Kong per l’affollata Shanghai. Ora mentre aspetto che il pranzo di Pasqua sia pronto (lasagna!) e mi abituo al cambio di città, penso ancora al mio ultimo giorno sull’isola, che in effetti non ho passato sull’isola. Decisi quel giorno di prendere l’aliscafo per andare a Macao, Continue reading


Tian Tan Buddha

DSC_1222Disneyland has been only the first part of my second day in Hong Kong, that’s why I’m still wearing the yellow Polo…but i tried to see as much as I could. Feeling like Indiana Jones, I decided to spend the rest of the day in what I imagined was the most peaceful place on earth. In the middle of the Lantau island there’s a huge statue of Buddha more than 30mt tall, it seemed like heaven. Spiritual elements, nature, woods, mountains, temples and maybe some less mystics, as I found out later, like Starbucks. Anyway the hardest part for me was, even if I guess for someone more brave would have been the main attraction, getting to the middle of the island with the Ngong Ping 360, a cable car suspended in the air, that brings you in almost 30min from a peak to another, from a consumeristic beginning to the end of your spiritual tour.


Ps. the weather wasn’t that good, infact by the end of my trip it got worst and we had to get back by bus, But still the place deserve a visit cause the view from the cable is breathtaking!

Disneyland è stata solo la prima parte del mio secondo giorno a Hong Kong, ecco perché indossavo ancora la Polo gialla, cercando di visitare il più possibile. Sentendomi quasi Indiana Jones, decisi di passare il resto della giornata Continue reading

Disneyland Hong Kong


So while in France Minnie decided to rock her brand new jewelled blue neoprene Lanvin, instead of (finally) her evergreen polka dot dress for the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, I was on the other side of the world rocking (after 14 hours of travel) my less avant-garde yellow polo shirt chez Disneyland Hong Kong. Thousands miles away from the core of Walt’s business but kids (including me) they are the same everywhere. Same excitement getting inside those golden gates and same surprise starring at an asian Tinker Bell waving at us. Thirteen years ago my first time at Disneyland but nothing has changed.

Ps. Of course I couldn’t resist from watching The Lion King show, one of my favourite ever,  and from eating up one of those gorgeous Mickey Mouse waffles

Così mentre in Francia per il 20° anniversario di Disneyland Paris, Minni decide di dare il meglio di se con il suo nuovo Lanvin ingioiellato in neoprene blu, sostituendo (finalmente) il suo sempreverde abito a pois,  Continue reading

Hong Kong bound


Launching this blog was not the only adventure I was about to start. The same day infact I left Italy for a new exciting trip to Asia. First destination Hong Kong. I’ve been pretty excited all last week about this trip cause Hong Kong has been on my mind for so long. Unfortunately I didn’t have so much time to get around yesterday, but as far as I’ve seen everything looks amazing. After leaving my luggages in my room I received a text from a friend of mine who was here. Totally unexpected specially because we NEVER have the chance to meet when we are both in Milan. I know this sounds surreal, but believe me it’s all true! We’ve been walking around Central pretty much all night chatting and going up and down, up and down the hill beetwen NoHo and SoHo, which happen to be North and South Hollywood St., not like NY’ and London’ ones. In the area we went to this bar called The Feather Boa, and as sometimes happens it was hideous outside but with a strong personality inside. If you have the chance try the choccolate cherry daiquiri, its delicious! The area is pretty cool but I think it gives the best in the daylight with all the restaurants, design furniture shops and art galleries open.

Here some snapshots. I’ll keep you posted!

Lanciare il blog non è stata l’unica avventura che ho cominciato. Lo stesso giorno infatti ho lasciato l’Italia per un nuovo ed esaltante viaggio in Asia. Prima tappa Hong Kong. Sono stato abbastanza eccitato dalla partenza per tutta la scorsa settimana perchè ho sempre desiderato andare ad Hong Kong. Ieri sfortunatamente Continue reading


I moved to one of the world’s most important fashion incubator’s a few years ago in order to study a Masters in Marketing and Communication, from which I recently graduated. Brought by my lucky star to the middle of the emerging fuzzy “whatthehellisablog” digital tornado, I found myself pretty interested in what was going on around me.

I’ve always loved to communicate and share my opinion and point of view about everything pops up in my mind and especially in front of my eyes. And now thanks to some pretty encouraging handshake’s from my professors at the end of the graduation ceremony and my friends’ support, I’ve decided to launch this new personal project.

Toasting to new beginnings and new births,

this is 10/3rd By Angelo Tropea


Trasferitomi in uno degli incubatori di moda più famosi al mondo qualche anno fa, per seguire un Master in Marketing e Comunicazione, nel quale mi sono recenetemente laureato, e portato dalla mia stella fortunata nel mezzo dell’emergente tornado digitale del “chediamineèunblog”, mi son ritrovato particolarmente interessato a quello che stava accadendo intorno a me.

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